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Internal Recruiter job in Fitzroy

Bellroy jobs
Company Type:  Certified B Corporation
Industry:  Retail
Job Type:  Human Resources
Experience:  Experienced (Non-Manager)
Employment:  Full-time
Impact Area:  Human Relationships
Company Name:  Bellroy

Country:  Australia
City:  Fitzroy
Zip / Postal Code:  3065
Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia (Show on map)


Are you an avid reader of people, able to see what people might enjoy and be great at? Pair your skills with science backed testing, and come help us grow.


If you are the kind of person who likes to connect great people, and you’re willing to go the extra mile to find those great people, then we want to hear from you. We run a pretty rigorous recruitment process because we want to make sure that we are going to really enjoy working together. We need your help to run that recruitment process, as well as to help us to find great applicants and encourage them to apply. Our process involves psychometric testing; a couple of interviews; and a 4-6 hour work simulation that helps recruits to experience their work environment and team. Maybe you haven’t run this exact process before, but you think you’ve got the skills to pick it up quickly and you’re really keen to learn. Our process isn’t standard, and we are not looking for a standard recruiter. Maybe you have been a recruiter before, maybe not, but you get why we think this is important work, and you’re excited by the prospect of really understanding and getting to know our candidates.


We work with a growth mindset; experimenting, iterating, shifting and always looking for better ways to achieve our goals. The pace of change here is fast, so if you feel most comfortable when you really know what you’re doing, this probably isn’t the role for you. We certainly value expertise, but we update our practices quickly whenever we find a better way.

We use a lot of psychology theory in our daily work - trying to really understand what makes people tick so that we can help them grow; engineer the environment to be even better; and identify where things aren’t working so we can improve them. If you are interested in personality, social and organisational psychology (and you know the difference) then this might be just the gig for you. We’re looking for people who will be able to kick ass at work, have a great time doing it and keep pushing themselves to learn more. If you think you’d flourish here, and you’d really add something to the team, then please - join us!


You really want to find the people who will love it here, and who we will love working with. You know that finding these people can be tricky, and you’re prepared to put in the hard work to find just the right people. You’re also able to have difficult conversations with people - you know that it’s better to find out during the recruitment process that someone isn’t going to love it here (or we won’t love them), than to find out three months in. You’re prepared to take responsibility for the long term outcomes of your selection methods - and take to heart the idea of getting it right for both the candidates and for us.

You understand the nature of biases, motivated reasoning and incentives and you’re able to design processes to help minimise the problems these can cause. You want to give candidates a good experience during the recruitment process, and you want to make sure that we are rigorous about getting to know them, & their skills so that we can make an informed choice. You are also seeking to help candidates to make an informed choice about working with us - you know that not everyone will love our environment, and you want to help them make sure that they will.


  • Discussed a potential role with a hiring manager, really digging into the kinds of tasks they need help with to make sure you can understand all the skills and interests someone would need to possess, to love doing those tasks (and to do them well).
  • Worked with our storyteller to build out a role description for advertisement - making sure it accurately describes the role and the company; and that it really appeals to the right person.
  • Helped a hiring manager to design a work test that will give the candidate an accurate view of the kind of work they would do, and give us an accurate view of how well the candidate can perform those tasks.
  • Reached out to an internal recruiter at a company we are friends with to swap ideas about how to find great candidates.
  • Paired with a hiring manager to conduct a few initial Skype interviews with potential candidates - helping the hiring manager to get a feel for the candidate, and making sure the candidate gets excited about the role.
  • Spoke at a university career seminar to help upcoming graduates to hear about us, and get excited about applying for a role with us.
  • Planned out how you might find the right candidate for an unusual role - figuring out where to advertise, which meetups you might attend, or how to network your way to the right candidates.
  • Worked closely with our recruitment administrator to make sure that all the candidates in the pipeline are moving along at an engaging pace.


  • A strong interest in psychology and the ability to put your knowledge into practice. You might have qualifications, or not, but you know your stuff (and are always looking to know more).
  • The ability to break a role down into component skills and to think broadly about the kinds of experiences that might allow someone to develop those skills.
  • The ability to see people’s potential to learn and grow, as well as to accurately determine how long it might take for them to develop those skills.
  • The courage to be candid and deliver hard news with clarity and the right amount of kindness. You know that it’s better to be clear and not to sugar coat things, and you are able to show that you care about people while you do that.


This is a full-time position located at our Fitzroy office, with occasional travel to our Bells Beach office. We would actively consider candidates wanting to work part-time hours, who are prepared to work five days a week. Parents returning to work are very welcome.


Have a good look around our website, read Our Story page and get a feel for who we are. If you think you'd be a good fit, visit this link: or check out the careers page on and provide us with your cover letter, resume and answers to the questions below:

  1. What should we be looking for in the right candidate for this role? What makes a great recruiter, and how should we look to ensure a candidate has it?
  2. When you're thinking about whether someone will be a good fit for a team, what do you look for?  What frameworks or theories do you like to draw on to understand people? How do you check to see that you're right?
  3. What book, article or theory has really influenced your thinking about people?  How did it influence you?

START DATE:  We're ready when you are!

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