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Unreasonable Group jobs
Inner London, London
Company Type:  Certified B Corporation
Industry:  Business Services - Other
Job Type:  Management & Supervisory
Experience:  Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)
Employment:  Full-time
Impact Area:  Financial Wellness
Company Name:  Unreasonable Group

Country:  United Kingdom
State / Province:  Inner London
City:  London
Zip / Postal Code:  40741
706 E 4th St, London, KY 40741, USA (Show on map)


NOTE: Ability to legally work and live in the U.K. is required for all applicants.

At Unreasonable Group, we drive resources to and break down barriers for entrepreneurs solving BFPs (big f**king problems, such as climate change and the 663 million people across the world without access to clean water). We believe entrepreneurs building rapidly scalable businesses are our best bet for solving the most significant social and environmental challenges; and, eventually, the world's most valuable and influential companies will be those solving humanity's most pressing challenges.

Every day, our team strives to give these entrepreneurs tackling BFPs an unfair advantage. We do this by connecting entrepreneurs with the networks of mentors, investors, businesses, policy makers and specialists they need to scale. We also run world class gatherings and programs, such as Unreasonable Impact in partnership with Barclays, Unreasonable Goals in partnership with the U.S. State Department, and Project Literacy in partnership with Pearson. To get a feel for what this looks and feels like, check out our Unreasonable Impact in 60 Seconds video.

This year we are launching our first physical space with our partner Barclays. This physical space concept is part of our continued effort to explore the most powerful ways for Unreasonable to provide value to our entrepreneurs. This space will represent the heartbeat of Unreasonable Impact created with Barclays partnership and the wider Unreasonable community in the U.K. and Europe. It will serve as full-time offices for several of our U.K. businesses, event space to grow the U.K. community and Unreasonable Impact brand, and a meeting and hot-desk working space for the 200+ entrepreneurs, mentors, and specialists from across the world.

We are now on the search for a Manager of U.K. Community & Events to build out and manage our office and run events and communications that significantly advance our entrepreneurs needs and grow the Unreasonable Impact brand and community of investors (formal and non-formal), mentors, and specialists. This person must come with an unwavering commitment to entrepreneurs, a strong network to tap into, and expert knowledge of how best to build out a community and brand with minimal budget.

In this role, you will help the team to build and maintain a powerful network of entrepreneurs, mentors, specialists, and investors across the UK and Europe. You will be charged with establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships and partnerships.

The Manager of U.K. Community & Events will work on a daily basis with the Head of U.K. Community and the Director of Global Network. She/he will also play a significant role in working with the Programs, Media, and Finance & Operations teams.


Lead Activations (50%): Run 2 events monthly to grow our Unreasonable Impact brand in the U.K. and to build out our community of mentors, specialists, and investors (note: some events will be held outside of our RISE office).
Collaborate with Barclays and the RISE team to develop sessions and events which engage Barclays colleagues and programmes to support entrepreneurs and build the Unreasonable Impact brand.

Collaborate with Head of UK Community on events that add value to entrepreneurs, meeting the programming needs discussed on his quarterly calls.
Design and manage learning sessions to support entrepreneurs and develop the Unreasonable Impact brand and programme.

Design and deliver entrepreneur networking and outreach events and sessions that support community building and brand building.

Unleash Storytelling (15%): Develop content for one monthly internal newsletter/comms release as well as at least 1 piece of external content (text, photos, etc) for every event held.

Develop content for the collaboration for both internal and external purposes, such as case studies, newsletter content, etc.

Engage with social media teams within Unreasonable and Barclays to regularly share content and announcements about the collaboration.
Respond to ad-hoc communications requests from Barclays (i.e. content for presentations, updates, etc.)

Curate the Space + Brand (15%): Establish and manage our first community space for our Unreasonable Impact partnership.

Complete the build out of the space and further the design, culture, policies, practices, rituals of our office to be the most effective working and meeting space for our entrepreneurs, team, and wider community to truly GYSHIDO
Recruit Unreasonable Impact entrepreneurs, mentors, specialists, investors to use the space (priority always given to Unreasonable Impact entrepreneurs)
Foster a creative, fun, and human-centered place to work and spend time
Support and respond to all Unreasonable Impact entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis to ensure space is maximized for both desk space and meeting area
Manage desk space and entrepreneurs who use the space, including bookings and reservationsLaunch and manage our internship program

Grow the Network (20%): Build out a network of key stakeholders, including other entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, specialists, leaders in the space, and Barclays internal teams such as RISE and Eagle Labs.

Work with the Head of UK Community and Global Managing Director to recruit new entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, specialists, and leaders in the space.
Identify and forge strong collaborative relationships across the entrepreneurship, investor, business, and social ecosystem.

Identify and manage co-branded event opportunities across the ecosystem.


Run ≥ 2 events per month (with ≥ 70% of them in the RISE building)
Recruit full and part-time tenants in order to utilize the space to its fullest extent (must be Unreasonable Impact entrepreneurs, mentors, specialists, investors, and/or other partners)

Monitor and review office usage on a regular basis in order to optimize the space and report to Barclays.

Support the Programs team and host Unreasonable Impact Summit group in September.

Host ≥ 3 collaborations with other Barclays entrepreneurial offerings (Eagle Labs, RISE, HG&E...)

Host or co-host ≥ 3 events for Unreasonable Impact entrepreneurs outside the RISE space.

Quarterly email with update on past quarter’s results and next quarter’s planned activities.

Annual 3 – 5 page report on key outcomes and future opportunity areas.


You have an appreciation for entrepreneurship, particularly as an agent to drive economic growth and create global social and environmental change.

You have experience in building communities and a brand
You have experience in major event production across a variety of types of experiences, partners and audiences.

You have experience managing different teams working in parallel to deliver a multi-day event for 60+ people.

You have experience in hospitality and a passion for designing culinary experiences.

You are a clear and powerful writer who can powerfully convey information in as few words as possible.

You likely disdain the word “networking” but those closest to you say you are a masterful networker.

You attribute this to your genuine curiosity and desire to get to know those around you and to the confidence and humility that you lead your life with.
You are a known individual in the entrepreneurship community who shares close relationships with a large and well-fostered network.

You never drop the ball (i.e. if you commit to doing something by a certain time, it always gets delivered by that time. If you realize this isn’t possible, you then pass the ball or ask for help rather than drop it).

You are comfortable with minimal direction but high expectations.

You are equally able to work alongside a partner or team as you are able to take full ownership of a project from start to finish.

You believe deeply in the importance of transparent and honest communication, always following up and following through.

You are a flawless multi-tasker, able to seamlessly shift between conversations, projects, and relationships. You thrive in this kind of environment.

You are equally able to collaborate with a multinational partner or teammate as you are able to take full ownership of a project from start to finish.

You believe that when work is done well, magic is in the details.

You are what we would refer to as a GyShiDo​ Master.

You are willing to learn things you don’t know, and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

As you read about ​Unreasonable’s core values​, you get more and more excited with each value you come across.

NOTE: Ability to legally work and live in the U.K. is required for all applicants.

Bonus points if you…

Have built out a strong and resilient physical community.

Run creative and innovative events that provide real value and/or build brand awareness.

Worked in a startup, private equity fund, and/or family office.


Become Director of Global Community, launching our future offices, spaces and networks across the world.

Become President of Global Network at WeWork and completely redesign the way WeWork actually works.

Launch a $1bn fund with Google, Palantir, Wieden + Kennedy, SY Partners and others to redesign the future of work and how collaborative networks can change the game.



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