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Infant/Toddler Caregiver (Great Pacific Child Development Center) job

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General Summary  
The Infant-Toddler Caregiver is responsible for all aspects of care to infants and toddlers while at the Great Pacific Child Development Center.  Such responsibilities will include: physical caregiving, developmental assessments, development of age appropriate/individually appropriate curriculum and facilitating supportive relationships with parents.

Essential Job Functions
The responsibilities of this position will include, but not be limited to the following:
Early Childhood Programming

  • Ensure the children’s safety within the inside and outside environments at all times.

  • Responsible for formulating relationships with parents and children that are respectful of individual differences, family styles and cultural/socioeconomic diversity. 

  • Responsible for ensuring that all meal and rest breaks for the staff and the changes in the daily schedule for the children [outside time, meals for the children, diaper changes, etc.] are done in an organized manner so as to create a sense of routine in the environment for the children.

  • Plan, supervise and implement the Infant-toddler program in accordance with the policies and philosophy of the Center and the identified curriculum objectives.

  • Strive to create an instructional Program that meets the needs of each child with concern for his/her interests, individual learning style and pace of learning.

  • Provide appropriate guidance to Infant-Toddler support staff and actively facilitate their Program development skills.

  • Design an organized, stimulating and developmentally appropriate learning environment suitable for all of the children enrolled in the classroom.

  • Responsible for doing routine evaluations of each child’s development. 

  • Strive to create a state of the art childcare program.  

Interactions With Children

  •  In an effort to develop each child’s language skills, responsible for communicating to parents, staff and the children in a positive manner.  Strive to create a language-rich program.

  • Treat each child with dignity and respect.

  • Help each child to become aware of his/her role as an integral member of the group.

  • Help each child to become comfortable with him/herself.

  • Encourage active involvement in problem solving in the environment.

  • In an effort to develop the children to be effective decision makers, encourage children to be responsible for their actions. 

Working With Parents

  • Communicate with parents on a regular basis regarding the progress of their children in the program or specific issues as they occur on a day-to-day basis. 

  • Work with new parents to create an easy transition into the Program.

  • Create an environment that embraces open communications between staff and parents.

  • Attend all quarterly parent meetings.

  • Provide Early Childhood/community resources as needed.

Supporting Positive Staff Relationships

  • Attend and participate in all staff meetings.

  • Attend all recommended in-service trainings.

  • Direct and issues to the suitable person in a timely and appropriate manner.


 Administrative Functions

  • Complete all assigned paperwork (daily information sheets/daily attendance, shopping lists, daily staff-child ratios, etc.) in a timely manner.

  • Assist the Program Director in conducting tours of the classrooms.

  • Assist in the education and ongoing evaluation of fieldwork students.

Physical Requirements

  • Continually able to observe and respond to children’s needs, emergencies and/or conflicts that might occur during the day (inside or outside environment).

  • Continually able to lift 1-40 pounds from the floor to a waist high table.

  • Continually able to kneel down to maintain eye contact at child’s level.

  •  Continually able to sit on the floor to work with children.

  •  Continually be able to react to a child that is 20 to 30 feet away within 30 seconds.

  •  Continually able to carry a child (1 to 40 pounds), up to 50-100 feet.

  •  Continually able to respond to children’s first aid needs (inside and outside) which may include cuts, bruises, blood/bodily fluids.

  • Continually able to communicate clearly and calmly to children, parents and co-workers.

  • Continually able to deal effectively with the stress involved in working closely with children, parents and co-workers.

  • Continually able to do fine and medium hand manipulation.    

Minimum Job Qualifications

  • High school graduate.

  • Two year’s experience working with young children.

  • Twelve (12) units in Early Childhood Education (Growth and Development, Child-Family & Community, Infant Development and one other program class).

  • Successful completion of the fingerprinting process and or successful transfer of fingerprints from another program.

  • Successful completion of the hiring packet.

  • Working knowledge of personal computers with experience in the use of such programs as Word, Excel and Outlook.

  •  Excellent customer service skills in person and on the phone.

  • Comfortable with team-based work structure; ability to demonstrate flexibility on the job.

  •  Demonstrates initiative, is conscientious and provides complete follow-through on areas of responsibility.

  • Preferred Job Qualifications

  •  Successful completion of RIE I.

Employee Conduct
It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors.

ref: (SB_10685)
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