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Die Setter / Processor (2nd shift) job in Grand Rapids

Vacancy has expired

Cascade Engineering jobs
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Company Name:
Cascade Engineering
Company Type:
Certified B Corporation
Other/Not Classified
Impact Area:
Productivity & Innovation

United States
State / Province:
Grand Rapids


Role Summary: 

Insure the injection molding process is running efficiently and is producing high quality parts.

General Responsibilities: 


Follow Standard Work in performing all tasks as assigned
Can perform all Level C Tech Die Setter Job Responsibilities
Has the ability to effectively shut-down and startup every press/job in plant.                    
Has the ability to hook up and verify the cavity transducers, if required for the job that is running. If they identify a problem they can act accordingly, and know who to contact.      
Has the ability to fill out the Wall stock thickness log, identify problems, and knows who to contact.                                                                                                        
Understands hot runner troubleshooting guide.              
Has the ability to follow the first eleven steps of the troubleshooting guide and know when to seek technical assistance.                                                                                                         
Understands and follows the Technical Escalation Plan.                                                                 
Communicates effectively during shift change overs, walkthroughs, and job changeovers. Communicates effectively with emails.                                                                                
Understands all of the terms used on the PTF, why they are monitored, and can correctly fill out a PTF.                                                                                                
Understands and can correctly fill out a Machine Shutdown Tracking Log.                                             
Correctly enters downtime and scrap into MODS.                                                                                            
Capable of filling out a End of Shift Report                                                                                                           
Understands and can correctly fill out Work Orders                                                                                         
 6S conscious and leaves next shift prepped       
Run presses as needed and instructed by the FLL.                                                           

Cascade Enterprise System

Understand and support CES methodology
Utilizes CES principles to improve effectiveness and efficiency in production

Culture Bearer

Treat all people regardless of their background, individual or cultural differences with dignity and respect
Display high moral and ethical standards and a high level of integrity
Exhibit the principles of 7 Habits and Emotional Intelligence
Understand and support CES methodology and thinking
Understand and value the Triple Bottom Line (TBL)


·         Follow all Cascade Engineering policies and procedures

·         Clock in and out using Kronos time system

Minimum Education, Experience and Cultural Requirements: 

·         Plastic Assessment- Written & Online

·         Pass Safety Training 1 hour (LOTO and demonstration)

·         OJT - Supervised Plant Wall to Wall process work with CTP or Process Technician Startups / Shutdowns / Troubleshooting

·         Fundamentals of Injection Molding Class 24 hours

·         OJT - Unsupervised Plant Wall to Wall process work with CTP or Process Technician Startups / Shutdowns / Troubleshooting

·         Notebook of work updated by employee and audited monthly by Front Line Leader and Technical Staff

·         RIE Plastics Training

·         Process Control On the Job Training and Test

·         Advanced Plastics Assessment

·         Successful completion of mid-term review and final review

Other Training Requirements:

·         Employee must have met all Level A requirements and Level B requirements within at least one year of promotion to Level C

·         Completion of Level C Technical Material Handler and Die Setter Requirements

·         All employees must also:

o   Complete “7 Habits Refresher” every five years.

o   Complete “Diversity Theater” every five years.

o   successfully pass yearly integrity audit

ref: (SB_11429)
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