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Fresh Coast Capital Company Profile

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Company Name: Fresh Coast Capital
Company Type: Certified B Corporation
Company Website:
Company Mission:

About Fresh Coast Capital

Fresh Coast is a mission driven project developer comprised of a experienced team of community organizers, engineers, environmental scientists, and finance professionals. Fresh Coast guides cities to achieve and implement their vision of comprehensive green infrastructure. 

It has been established nationwide that green infrastructure for stormwater management provides significant cost savings, revitalizes communities, and provides resiliency and stability. Fresh Coast designs, develops, finances, and maintains green infrastructure projects from start-to-finish as a long-term partner. Throughout this process, Fresh Coast engages communities, from residents and local businesses to nonprofits and city officials, throughout the process of planning and implementation.

Taking into account the needs of all our stakeholders is critical to the success of our projects and the success of our business. We became a B Corp to demonstrate to all our stakeholders, including city partners, residents, community organizations, and investors, that our commitment to social and environmental impact is integral to our work.

The Change We Seek®

America's water infrastructure is outdated and in disrepair. This outdated "gray" water infrastructure, combined with the increasingly severe impacts of climate change, pollutes our waterways and floods our neighborhoods. Unfortunately, this water pollution and flooding disproportionately impacts low-income communities, creating significant environmental justice concerns. 

Fresh Coast believes that re-investing in our communities through green infrastructure- the use of natural systems to reduce pollution and flooding from stormwater runoff- is a multi-benefit solution that can bring economic, environmental and social change to our urban communities. By using soils, plants and trees to manage stormwater at the surface, green infrastructure can help improve water quality, reduce urban flooding and revitalize neighborhoods. When implemented at scale, green infrastructure can create significant cost savings for a city, improve air and water quality for residents, sequester carbon and increase biodiversity, improve health outcomes and create new green jobs.

The amount of investment needed to modernize our water infrastructure is in the hundreds of billions; meanwhile, capacity-strained cities are struggling to find the resources to implement meaningful solutions. Fresh Coast believes that engaging the private sector is critical to helping cities and public agencies meet their green infrastructure goals, and that the growing impact investment market can step in to fill the funding gap and invest in green infrastructure solutions to create large scale environmental and social impact in our urban communities. Fresh Coast is the partner that can bring these diverse stakeholders together to successfully implement green infrastructure at scale.

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Project Finance Analyst/Associate

Fresh Coast Capital Chicago, Illinois

Company: Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Fresh Coast Capital (“Fresh Coast”) is an urban revitalization firm that develops green stormwater infrastructure. Our experienced team is comprised of community organizers, engineers, environmental sc...

Company type: Certified B Corporation Certified B Corporation

Company Name
Impact Area Economic Development
Company Type Certified B Corporation
Employment Full-time
Industry Financial Services
Job Type Finance & Accounting
Country United States